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George Osborne’s failure to purchase Gold has cost the UK taxpayer up to £4.5bn says John Rentoul:

The Tories ought to be embarrassed that the gold price has continued to rise since the election last year. At a rough guess I thought £2bn of the £12bn “loss” that they cite occurred while George Osborne was Chancellor – Thomas Penny of Bloomberg thinks it is more like £4.5bn


The Tories have been rather hypocritical. The following are tweets from the “ToryPressHQ” Twitter account:

These were taken from the Tory Twitter feed over the past two months.


George Osborne has wasted up to £4.5bn of taxpayers money……………



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Police on the streets of Tottenham / BBC

A Police Officer surveys the wreckage / BBC

Shops attacked and looted

26 police officers and three others hurt

Buildings and vehicles set ablaze.


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