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Tony Blair pays tribute to Philip Gould, “a constant advocate for the British people”

Credit/Office of Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said:

Philip was such a huge part of the renaissance of the Labour Party. To me he was my guide and mentor, a wise head, a brilliant mind, and a total rock when a storm was raging.

“He became indispensable. He was always a constant advocate for the British people, their hopes and anxieties. So his political contribution was immense.

“But then as his illness gripped him, he became something more. In facing death, he grew emotionally and spiritually into this remarkable witness to life’s meaning and purpose. No one who saw him in those last months was unchanged by him. And the bond between him and his wonderful family was a joy to see.

“I feel very proud and privileged to have known him and to have been his friend.”

Alistair Campbell has also written a moving tribute to Philip Gould.


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George Osborne’s failure to purchase Gold has cost the UK taxpayer up to £4.5bn says John Rentoul:

The Tories ought to be embarrassed that the gold price has continued to rise since the election last year. At a rough guess I thought £2bn of the £12bn “loss” that they cite occurred while George Osborne was Chancellor – Thomas Penny of Bloomberg thinks it is more like £4.5bn


The Tories have been rather hypocritical. The following are tweets from the “ToryPressHQ” Twitter account:

These were taken from the Tory Twitter feed over the past two months.


George Osborne has wasted up to £4.5bn of taxpayers money……………



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