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The “People’s Platform” will be a collaborative effort between numerous politically interested individuals. It will include essays on areas of policy that Labour could improve on to be more in tune with its members and supporters, but is independent of the Labour Party, and does not necessarily represent the Party’s views. It will also include input from supporters of other political Parties, with ideas on how Labour could appeal to a broader base. These will also examine Labours past achievements, like the NHS, and attempt to present a vision for the future. The finished collection of work by Labour supporters will be submitted to the “Refounding Labour” initiative.

If you are interested in writing for this project, as a number of people have suggested they are, please email me a suggested title or theme to: Harry.Langford [at] btinternet.com.

Ideally, the proposals will be somewhere between 500-1500 words long, although both longer and shorter pieces will be warmly welcomed. They could be on Labours history, particularly the legacy of the last Labour Government, and how these achievements could be built on.

The idea of this collaboration is not to push one ideological view. It will incorporate many different ideological perspectives, from across the Labour family.

Some topics that have already been suggested include:

Constitutional Reform

The Economy



The Link with the Unions.

Clause 4

The Middle East.


Any and all other topics will be included in this work.

If you have a more specific idea of what you would like to write, please leave a comment below so that others can see it!

The deadline date for submissions is Wednesday the 29th of June, with publication set for the 1st of July.

If you are interested in this idea, I would appreciate if you would tweet the link to spread the word about our project!

Many Thanks,


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‘No confidence’ in David Willetts, say Cambridge university dons (Guardian): http://gu.com/p/2pf38

BBC Panorama: minister orders investigation into ‘inhumane’ care home (Telegraph) http://bit.ly/ldb2vh

Sepp Blatter pulls off biggest masterstroke of his long reign (Evening Standard)  http://t.co/6wjJ9EY

Manufacturing growth falls to 20-month low (Reuters) http://t.co/F0BHI6D

Mobiles ‘may cause brain cancer’ (BBC) http://bbc.in/mvNnCF

Spain Underscores Food Safety Amid E. Coli Outbreak (Voice of America) http://t.co/gMRzZgX

Yemen slides into civil war (Christian Science Monitor) http://t.co/pkO75IY

Planned GP consortia could lead to chaos – and top-down diktats (Independent) http://ind.pn/iAmItI

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