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Alex Salmond has provoked fury with a scathing attack on the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

Both he and Kenny McAskill, the Scottish Justice Secratary have accused the Court of “intervening aggressively” in Scotland’s affairs. Kenny McAskill is seeking to cut off the £500,000 funding that the UKSC receives from Scotland each year. On the Newsnight programme in Scotland, which can be viewed here, Salmond said:

“I don’t think it’s sensible, fair or reasonable in any jurisdiction where we’ve a situation where one judge is overruling the opinion of many judges in another court,”

“It boils down to the potential replacement of Scottish law by Lord Hope’s law. I don’t think that’s a satisfactory situation.”

Lord Colin Boyd QC, a former lord advocate under the last Labour coalition government in Edinburgh and a legal adviser to the current UK government, said the supreme court had a clear and necessary role to protect fundamental legal rights. He told the Guardian that the  Scottish government was pursuing a “nationalist agenda”.

“I’m proud of the Scottish system as a Scottish lawyer, but legal systems have to grow and develop and serve the people – they’re not there as totems for nationalists,” he said.

“We have to abide by the highest international standards, and if that means that notions of civil and human rights come from elsewhere, my view is that it enriches Scottish law, rather than diminishes it.

“It would be better as a country – and that is the legislature, the government and the courts – if we ensured that we actually have a modern legal system that is fit for purpose.”

Salmond has attracted criticism from across the legal community with an attack on Lord Rodger and Lord Hope, the two Scottish Judges on the United Kingdom Supreme Court. 


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