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Will Sarah Palin run for President?

Maybe. She has been on tour across America for the past week, without telling reporters of her intended destiantions along the way, keeping a 15 bus trail of reporters frantically trying to keep up with her tour bus as she travels America’s freeways. She has been focusing on the important early primary states under the guise of touring America’s “historic sites”. She has met Donald Trump, who has been suggested as a possible running mate for her in 2012, in New York City and she has gatecrashed Mitt Romney’s announcement speech in New Hampshire by arriving on the same day. She says that it is “a pure coincidence”.

I’m not so sure.

Whatever her intentions, her tour of America is smart. As Steve Duprey, New Hampshire RNC committeeman and former McCain campaign honcho said:

With Trump and other potential candidates dominating the media for the past four months, Governor Palin has not been in the news. Not being in the news is like denying her oxygen. If she decides not to run for office, this tour will have, at a minimum, put her back in the news and will have reminded the republican party and her television show viewers that she is a force in the party and will shape the debate whether in or out.

Palin has retained her position with Fox News, which could suggest that she is not ready to run. Yet. Even if she chooses not to run this time around, by bringing herself into the Republican frame, she can influence the result. It is unlikely that whoever wins the nomination will beat Obama next year; Palin’s credentials as a foreign policy hawk suddenly look less solid when you consider that President Obama will take the credit for the capture of public enemy number one – Osama bin Laden.

Despite the state of the economy, Obama is a skilled campaigner, a great orator, and, more importantly, an excellent fundraiser. His 2012 bid is set to be the first US campaign to raise more than $1bn.

That all makes Obama a very tough opponent. Even is she chooses not to run, the tour provides an ample opportunity for her to see what a Presidential campingn would be like first hand, and if the polls do not look favorably upon her, she will be able to step down, and return for the 2016 campaign.

Matt Littman writes for the Huffington Post that:

She’s certainly not someone whose brilliance we aspire to. She’s not well-traveled, not well-read, not well-versed on the issues. Just like President Bush. So we can sit here and say, no way, she has no chance to be the Republican nominee. But she does have a chance. And it makes me want to throw up on my computer.

One thing is for certain. If it looks like she can win the nomination and beat Obama, she will run. 

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